Mar 212016

Did you know that there are SOCKS that are guaranteed for LIFE?

Nadia Westra is this month's contributorToday when something breaks, wears, or simply becomes obsolete it is quickly tossed and replaced by a newer, shinier and just-as-unreliable version. There are many drivers for this culture, including the fact cheap labor makes cranking out new products something that can be done with ease. There is also social pressure to always have “the latest and greatest”, making “old” products less desirable. Another big issue is that parts and accessories become hard to find or are incompatible between brands and models.

Throwaway CultureAs our non-renewable resources continue to deplete, some in danger of running out altogether, it is crucial to find ways to make wares easily repairable or create items that simply never wear out. Luckily this idea is becoming a trend and it’s catching on fairly quickly.

Companies like Patagonia, Darn Tough Socks, and Dr. Martens are understanding this need, and offer free repairs when their merchandise breaks or simply wears out. They also build their products to last from the beginning making sure “that your gear has a long and interesting life.”

There is also a website, called IFIXIT that has thousands of step-by-step guides to fix everything from your leaking shower head to your Super Nintendo from 1991. They also sell the parts, tools, needed and have an answer forum to help you tackle the projects yourself.

Eco Patriots are Waste SavvySo the next time you are purchasing a soccer ball for your favorite child or are ready to toss your favorite jacket because of a broken zipper, take a few moments to change the throwaway culture. If a sock can last a lifetime, so can anything else.