Sep 122016

This month's contributor is Mary HubbardEvery time I take a walk I see trash. Bits and pieces of this and that, large and small. For a long time I allowed the trash to ruin my day. I just couldn’t understand why people would simply toss something on the ground.

Then it occurred to me that “trash happens”. Garbage bags break. The wind blows. Things fly out car windows. Dogs poop. Advertisements shoved under windshield wipers fly away. Get it? Trash Happens.

I decided to stop letting trash ruin my day. These days, I make it a personal mission to pick up trash and I invite you to do the same. Why? Because it feels good and it’s good for the environment. We can’t stop “Trash Happens”, but we can be part of the solution.

Why not try it? Jump on board and pick up some trash every time you’re out and about. You’ll be amazed at how great it feels.

Earth Day Trash Picker Upper

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