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Matt Kobzik is our contributor this issueBoulder, Colorado: A city famous for grandiose mountains, amazing culture, and being an epicenter of “green mindedness”. But wait, not so fast! While Boulder may be perceived as a “green” city there are some facts that might surprise you. For example in 2013 single-family homes diverted 48 percent of their waste; in comparison businesses only managed to divert 28 percent1. To raise awareness on this waste diversion issue and to enact change, local waste haulers, inspired residents, and companies like Eco-Products® rallied to pass a universal Zero Waste ordinance.

The ordinance, set to go into effect within a year, will require all property owners of businesses and multi-family units to provide recycling and composting services. This is a huge step for a city that has advocated green but not always practiced the philosophy. It also reflects a major shift in the attitude of residents towards waste and waste diversion.

Boulder is a shining example of community in action with a burgeoning desire for greater environmental consciousness. Though the process to pass the ordinance took several years, the results were well worth the hard work.

For more information go to this Daily Camera article.

1Moorman, R. & Fridland, D. (2015), Boulder Zero Waste Project: Multi-Family Unit Outreach, 2

Boulder City Council Meeting

Supporters rallied, donning green t-shirts, to show their support for the Zero Waste campaign. Boulder City Council unanimously passed the ordinance on June 2nd.

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