Jun 012015

Hello! Welcome to the Eco-Products Sustainability Squad Blog. You might not be surprised to hear that many of us at Eco-Products (we like to call ourselves Eco Patriots) are pretty passionate about environmental and social responsibility. We want to have a way to share sustainability tips, facts, and other info with anyone who is similarly eco-minded. We’ll aim to post once a month and while some of the content may be most relevant to us in the Boulder, Colorado area, much of it should be useful to anyone looking to have a lighter footprint and leave a positive impact. Happy reading!

Brittany Stinebaugh-Harris our contributor this week

Brittany Stinebaugh-Harris our contributor this issue

Did you know that in 2014 solar energy only made up 1% of the energy mix in the United States?

A large deterrent for many to invest in solar is that they rent, or their home cannot accommodate the panels. A recent survey revealed that around 49% of homes cannot accommodate traditional panels. So how can you get involved with solar if you fall into this category? Community solar gardens have been gaining popularity in the Denver/Boulder area and other communities.

A community solar garden is what it sounds like: a group of solar panels that are owned by a group (or subscribers) that feed into the local power grid. They are making it possible for everyone to support solar power.

How can you invest into a community solar garden? Currently 2 options are available: buying the panels, or buying the energy. Both typically involve a 20 year contract, but vary on payment, upfront investment and ROI.

 Lafayette Solar Gardens near HQ

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Of course, energy efficiency should be the first step in reducing the carbon footprint of your energy consumption. Try some of these energy saving tips for the summer.